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The Galleries are initially dived by the camera set up used.  I felt this important for a two reasons.  The first reason has to do with dating the pictures:  the photos in the Olympus Galleries were all taken prior to 08/04; the photos in the Canon Galleries were all taken after 08/04.  The second reason is there is a huge difference between the quality of the cameras, thus quality of the pictures.  Any critical eye will clearly see this.   Click for equipment reviews.

I will try to identify what the subjects of the photos as best as I can.  I am not an expert however.  Please feel free to help or correct me in identifications via my feedback page. 

There are a few different formats that the pictures are presented in.  Sorry for the inconsistency.  This site is a work in progress that I am always looking for, and learning, better ways to improve it.  Suggestions are always welcome.


Enjoy, Mark

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Canon EOS-1Ds Mark III

Norway 2019

iphone time-lapse Northern Lights

Iceland 2018

Guadalupe 2018

Shark Video

Random iphone 2020

Cuba 2016 Underwater

Cuba 2016 Topside

St Lucia 20015

Sunset house 2014

Cayman 2013 aggressor

Indonesia, Lembeh Straits 2011

Grand Bahamas Bank (Flash)

Grand Bahamas Bank (HTML)

Shark Video

PNG 08 Topside

PNG 08 Underwater

Galapagos 08 Underwater

Galapagos 08 Top Side

Dover 08

Cocos 08 Underwater

Cocos, Costa Rica 08 Topside



Canon EOS-1Ds Mark II

Peter and Mimi's 10th

Nathan 4-9 Months Mostly Melissa's Photos

Peter's 40th

Mexico 2007

Indonesia 06 Part 1

Indonesia 06 Part 2

Manado and Singapore

The Market and Party

Cayman 2006

The Orb Experiments

Hawaii Underwater 2006

Hawaii Topside 2006

Top Side Indonesia 2005

Indonesia 2005 Underwater (1)

Indonesia 2005 Underwater (2)

Bonaire 2005

Yap Underwater

Yap Top Side

Palau Underwater 1

Palau Underwater 2

Palau Underwater 3

Palau and Hawaii Topside


Automated Slide Shows

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Palau Slide Show 1a

Palau Slide Show 1b

Palau Slide show 2a

Palau Slide Show 2b

Palau Slide Show 3a

Palau Slide Show 3b

Topside Slide Show Hawaii and Palau


Canon EOS-1D Mark II


Curacao 05

Roatan Under Water

Roatan Top Side

By popular demand...  (You will Probably need Adobe Reader 7)  If you have the time, this is a much better way to see the pictures.

PDF Slide show Curacao 2005

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Curacao 2004

Belize Under Water

Belize Top Side

Belize Top Side (Kodak)

Belize Top Side (Kodak)

Grand Cayman 1

Grand Cayman 2

Grand Cayman 3



Various pics(1) 1 09

Various pics(2) 1 09


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Clicking on any picture will enlarge it and open up a manual slide show.  On the top of this sub-page, there will be a set of arrows and a list of numbers.  Use them to navigate the expanded pictures.  The up arrow will take you back to the thumbnail page.  Left-clicking on the picture will also advance the slide show to the next picture.

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