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Underwater pictures taken from Cuba, Papua New Guinea, Cocos, Galapagos, Indonesia, Hawaii, Micronesia (Palau and Yap), Rotan, Bonaire, Cayman Islands, Curacao, Mexico, Belize, and more. Subjects such as: Sharks, Whale Sharks, Lacey Scorpianfish, Pigmy seahorses, Crocodile, Lots of macro criters, Wide angle underwater shots.


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Latest Addition 7/9/16:

Cuba 2016 Underwater

Cuba 2016 Topside

St. Lucia 2015

Sunset house 2014

Cayman 2013 Aggressor

Indonesia, Lembeh Strait 2011

Grand Bahamas Bank (Flash)

Grand Bahamas Bank (HTML)

PNG 08 Topside

PNG 08 Underwater

Random Photos 11/09

Galapagos 08 Underwater

Galapagos 08 Top Side

Dover 08

Cocos 08 Underwater

Cocos and Costa Rica 08 Top Side

NASCAR at Pocono

Mexico 08

Indonesia 06 Part 1

Indonesia 06 Part 2

Manado and Singapore

The Market and Party

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When I had started this web site in 2004 there were no good ways of sharing large amounts of photos: there was no Facebook, Flicker, Instagram, Twitter, Shutterfly, and so on.  Over the years I have been totally winging how to manage this site with the dinosaur program 2003 Front Page.  Along the way, there has been many formats I have experimented with presenting the photos galleries.  The latest Lightroom generated galleries seem to work well (except getting back to the home page).   This site is obviously outdated.  My ultimate goal is to redo the entire site to a modern cohesive site.  One day... 

My latest trip was to Cuba with the Aggressor Group, diving at the Gardens of the Queen (Jardines de la Reina).  I cannot say enough good things about diving Cuba (and the Aggressor Fleet).  Doing it on a live aboard is the only way to go.  For diving in the Caribbean, nothing else comes close to the diving in Cuba!!  It's like Little Cayman's "Bloody Bay Wall" on steroids.  Cuba even rivals Indonesia for being my favorite place to dive.  I actually wished I had video to be able to show the scale of biomass there.

I am hoping my next trip is to Guadalupe to shoot great white sharks.  We will see.....

Please note: my underwater photo equipment never made it Cuba but the Aggressor photographer stepped up and lent me his "Frankenstein" backup camera and housing (a very cool thing to do).  It was a Canon digital camera jammed into a very old Nikon film camera housing.  (They know how to Macgyver anything in Cuba!)  But this barrowed camera and housing had very limited controls--only the shutter and 2 dials "worked" which made changing settings nearly impossible.  It also had only about a 1/4 of the review monitor visible.  Furthermore, the strobes were much less powerful and slower then I am used to.  Even worse yet, the strobe arms couldn't be tightened all the way, making the strobes float around and giving me all sorts of backscatter.  Just open any other gallery and one can see the obvious difference equipment can make.  It was a frustrating shoot to say the least but I did came back with some shots and found a great place to dive.

Enjoy, Mark


Cuba 2016 Underwater


Cuba 2016 Topside



St Lucia 2015

 Grand Cayman Island

(Sunset House) 2014

Grand Cayman, Little Cayman, Cayman Brac

 (Aggressor) 2013

Indonesia, Lembeh Straits 2011



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Grand Bahamas Bank

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Papua New Guinea 09






Galapagos 08








Dover 08


Me trying to fit in with the Hammerhead sharks

Cocos Underwater 08

Cocos top side and Costa Rica 08


Pocono 08


Mexico 2007


Indonesia 2006

      Part 1                                   Part 2       



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The goal of this site is not to sell pictures, nor is it to show off my best photos.  Rather this website is a pet project of mine put together to share my photographs with my family, friends, and anyone else who happens along this site while surfing the net.

Sometimes I will post pictures that I am not happy with just because the subject is of interest to me and other people.  For those with a critical eye, sorry take the good with the bad.

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Thanks, Mark

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