Bonaire 2005

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Scorpionfish Beugregory Damselfish Divi Resort at Night Smooth Trunkfish Juvenile<br />{Honorable Mention in Competition} Bandtail Puffer Lone Diver Wide of Prop<br />{First Place in Traditional Wide} Sea Horse Lettuce Sea Slug Photographer Threespot Damselfish Beugregory Damselfish Spinyhead Blenny Peppermint Goby Penderson Cleaner Shrimp Spinyhead Blenny Harlequin Bass Sand Diver Squat Anemone Shrimps Squid Yellowhead Jawfish Lettuce Sea Slug Squid Eye Penderson Cleaner Shrimp Moray Eel Frog Fish Secretary Blenny Spanish Hogfish Honeycomb Cowfish Peppermint Goby Bearded Fireworm Spotted Cleaner Shrimp Red Reef Hermit Crab Goldentail Moray Eel Squid Squid Porn Squid Porn Frogfish Squat Anemone Shrimp Wideband Tube dwelling Anemone Eating Dinner Lettuce Sea Slug Frog Fish The Texture of Coral Bearded Fireworm Sea Urchin Yet Another Squid Slate Pencil Urchin Wide of the Hooker Wreck Three Lost Divers Wide Scene Buddies Foureye Butterflyfishs Whitespotted Filefish Frogfish Experiment 743 French Angelfish Wide Scene Lettuce Sea Slug Lobster Eyes Sea Urchin Arrow Crab Spotted Drum Sponge Brittle Star Stareye Hermit Crab Odd Couple of Urchins Sharptail Eel Sea Horse Queen Angelfish Sea Horse Mug Frogfish Cleaner Shrimp in Action Wrasse? Soft Corals Sharptail Eel Texture of Coral More Texture Sharpnose Puffer Moray Eel Yet more Texture Texture of Anenome Dinner for Flamingo Tongue The Texture of a Lettuce Sea Slug More Textures of Coral Chrismas Tree Worm Scorpionfish Scorpionfish Mug Shot Texture of Coral Peppermint Goby Sea Horse--check out the eye Goldentail Moray

Photo Gallery | Bonaire Review

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