Curacao 2004

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Photo Gallery | Curacao review


Shrimp on Anemone Filefish Flamingo Tongue Inside a clam School of Grunts
Shrimp on AnemoneFilefishFlamingo Tongue Inside a Clam School of Grunts
Shrimp Clam Random Wide Trumpetfish Peacock-Flounder
Shrimp Clam Random WideTrumpetfish Peacock Flounder
Sand-Diver Baby-Eel Smooth-Trunkfish Stoplight-Parrotfish Coral-at-Night
Sand DiverBaby EelSmooth TrunkfishStoplight Parrotfish Coral at Night
Sweet-Couple Princess-Parrotfish Arrow-Crab Bob-and Miriam Anemone-2
Sweet Couple Princess Parrotfish Arrow Crab Bob and Miriam Anemone 2
Spotted-Burrfish Balloonfish Lettuce-Sea-Slug Gobie Flamingo-Tongue
Spotted BurrfishBalloonfish Lettuce Sea Slug Gobie Flamingo Tongue
Urchin Sharptail-Eel Chrismas-Tree-Worms-2 Spotted-Burrfish-2 Spotted-Snake-Eel
Urchin Sharptail Eel Christmas Tree Worms  Spotted Burrfish 2 Spotted Snake Eel
Scorpionfish Wide-1 Friends Flounder Chrismas-Tree-Worms
ScorpionfishWide SpongesFriends Flounder Christmas Tree Worms
Collection-of-Worms Fireworm Looks-like-a-Rooster Sea-Pearls Side-View
Collection of Worms FirewormLooks like a RoosterSea Pearls Side View
Scorpionfish2 Chrismas-Tree-Worms-3 Honeycomb-Cowfish Ocellate-Swimming-Crab Night-Feeding
Scorpionfish Pairs Honeycomb Cowfish Ocellate Swimming Crab Night Feeding
Nightime-shot-of-Anemone Spotted-Moray Bearded-Fireworm Orangespotted-Filefish Conch
Night shot of Anemone Spotted MorayBearded Fireworm Orangespotted Filefish Conch
Flounder2 Damselfish-Guarding-Home Pair-of-Flounders Banded-Shrimp Anemone-and-shrimp
Flounder Damselfish Guarding Home Pair of Flounders Banded Shrimp Anemone and shrimp
Flatworm Spotte-Drum-Juvenile One-Wild-Crab 7-Foot-Hungry-Eel Purple-Anemone
FlatwormSpotted Drum JuvenileOne Wild Crab7 Foot Hungry Eel Purple Anemone
Frogfish Feeding-Anemone Sleeping-Beauty Sea-Horse  
Frogfish Feeding AnemoneSleeping Beauty Sea Horse

Photo Gallery | Curacao review

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