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I ended up going to Kona since I had a conference in Oahu anyways.  I once again chose to dive with the Aggressor fleet.   I had good luck with the Aggressor and once again, I was not disappointed.  The boat design was the same of Palau's boat, so it was very stable.  The food was not as good as Palau, but it was still decent.  The staff was great.  Auvie was an incredible help in naming all the species.  He saved me much time.

The diving in Kona wasn't anything special.  There is little soft coral, but their is much diversity in the fish or animal life.  The topography was cool--caves and swim throughs.  The diving itself was fun, yet challenging to take pictures due to the surge.  At points it was like an amusement park ride with 10-15 ft surges in the current.  I all, I would no go running back to Kona for the diving.  If I am going to fly that far, I would go further west to more exotic location.

Diving aside, the Big Island is absolutely beautiful.  I would go back top side again but leave myself much more time to explore.  The island has it all--beautiful black sand beaches, rain forests, grassy lands, lava fields that resembles moonscapes, active lava flows, and snow covered mountains!!  I defiantly want to spend more time there.  A few must dos for those visiting are,

Take helicopter ride over the volcano (preferable with no doors, but dress warmly).

Stay on the volcano (Volcano House)

Rent a car and just drive!

Of course, DIVE.

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