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As I suspected, I returned to Curacao for a second try.  Thankfully, things have improved since my first experience there with Melissa last year.  For the brutal account (and review) of that experience, see the archive review of Curacao 2004.

This time I returned alone to Habitat Resort.  From the moment I arrived at the airport I did not get that "bad vibe" we got from the locals the first time around;  in fact the cabby who took me to the resort was nice enough to go out of his way to get me to a store to by pair of sandals.  At the resort the staff all seem more cordial this time around as well.  The dive shop also went through some changes: I noticed the dive masters all seemed to take safety a little more serous, and they too seemed to give off a better "vibe."  They did not, however, respect enough the divers desires to go to different sites as much as other organizations usually do.

The spa there was just as wonderful as before.  I highly recommend the waves of bliss massage.  It ranks as the finest I have ever received.  Do not pass this up though it is not for the shy!!

Unfortunately, nothing has changed at the restaurant.  It still ranks as the worst service I have seen in my life.  Island time is island time, and I except that, but their attitude there is beyond anything I have seen on any island.  I don't need, or expect, to be treated like royalty.  But indeed it nice to have a server acknowledge your presence, to give the normal pleasantries of thank you, your welcome, hello etc.....  My favorite example of their service is one morning I asked for a cappuccino.  The waitress took my cup, looked at me in disgust (one of the few times she actually looked at me) and walked off.  I then saw her take the coffee from the urn and pour it in my cup.  She then put the semi frothed milk on top of it and passed it off as a cappuccino.

I realize that the restaurant is a separate entity from the resort even though it is centrally located within the compound.  But somebody there should realize that the service is down right awful and ultimately that can cost them business.  Next time I am there I will probably rent a car just so I don't have to deal with that restaurant.

The resort was almost filled to capacity.  I would say more then half were European.  Absolutely no incidences like our first visit.  All the guests were very nice, and by the end of my stay I got the feeling nobody cared who was American or European.  That is the way it should be!!!  People are people, some are good and some are bad; on our first trip, we were exposed to a bad bunch of people.  Who cares where they were from.   

The diving again was beautiful.  Though some of may favorite things I did not get to see.  The resident Frog Fish off the house reef were gone.  We did not get to any sites with Sea Horses.  And some of my favorite anemones were absent. 

All being said, yes I will go back again.  It is quite possible that Curacao will even replace the Grand Cayman for my lone adventures.  It's nice to see that slowly the people of Curacao are realizing that tourist are good for their economy and that treating them good will keep them coming back.  Maybe someone can tell the management of the restaurant at the resort that.  

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